Ztac Indigo


Ztac Indigo

Z-Tac the easy to use indoor point of sale solution.New times ask for new innovative solutions, Z-tac is such an innovative solution. Z-Tac is premium line of adhesive graphic PET films. The film will be available in white and clear and will adhere to glass and other smooth surfaces.This makes the material ideal for Window graphic and signage.

Use: Point of sale, Guerrilla Marketing, Events & Exhibitions, Magazine inserts

Application: Windowsticker, Wallsticker

Characteristics: Wax, repositionable, easy to apply, easy to remove

Adhesive: Wax

Lifespan: 6 months+

Version: White and Clear

Type: Ztac Indigo

Printing: HP Indigo

Size: 711mm x 1016mm

Shelf life: 12Months

Productcode: CM3008/CM3108

Material:  PET

Recyclable: Yes