Point of Sale

Point of Sale

The most important source of advertising.

Studies have shown that 77% of all decisions to purchase a product or service is done on the basis of point of sale (POS) advertisment. Good POS activities are key to success of every marketing activity. It brings your product or service on your customers radar.

Sticker(s) the businesscard of every (retail)store.

A windowsticker on your store window, a screensticker on your tvscreen, a floorsticker on your floor, a wallsticker on your wall. Stickers are the businesscard of every store. Stickers are available in many shapes and sizes on many different plastic materials.


  • Windowsticker: Aslan, ClingZ, Cling Vinyl, Easy Dot, Yupo, Z-tac
  • Screensticker: ClingZ
  • Wallsticker: Aslan, ClingZ, Yupo
  • Carsticker: Cling Vinyl, Tacklite, Yupo


  • Easy to apply, easy to remove
  • Both sides printable
  • No glue residue
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Digital/offset and screenprinting
  • Create unique imaging

We at ClingMedia are specialized in innovative self-adhesive sticker materials. We together with you look at the right solution for your chosen application. Please contact us for more information.