Exhibition & Tradeshow


Exhibition & Tradeshow

The best way for creating new business.

Exhibition(s) and tradeshow(s) are a value source for maintaining old contacts and building/creating new ones. Many visitors of an exhibition know why they are there and are willing to spend money. This makes an exhibition or tradeshow the ideal method for markting your product(s) or service(s)

Exhibtion(s) and tradeshow(s) are a powerful medium to market your product(s) and/or service(s).

Many exhibitions and tradeshows are on location i.e. hotels, congres centers, etc. It is pivotal that you are able to build up your stand quickly as well as finish the stand quickly with out leaving any damage to the surounding(s).

We at ClingMedia deliver the ideale sticker material for building up a stand or signage. A message has the highest value when it is presented in the correct fashion. With our sticker product(s) you be leaving a wonderful lasting impression with you or your customer(s) advertisment.


  • Window: Aslan, ClingZ, Cling Vinyl, Easy Dot, Eclipse
  • Floorsticker: Yupo, Aslan
  • Wallsticker: ClingZ


  • Easy to apply, easy to remove
  • No glue residue
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Digital/offset and screenprinting
  • Create unique imaging

A message reaches the highes potentional when it is presented properly. We together with you will look at the best solution for your or your customers chosen application. Please contact us for more information.