Clingmedia ist ein Großhändler und Dienstleister für den Verkauf von Spezialaufklebermaterialien
Fenster Aufkleber- Magazine insert- ClingZ
Guerrilla Marketing Aufkleber Fahrzeug- Penstick
Bodenaufkleber Guerrilla Marketing - Yupo
Magneet Aufkleber - Point of Sale - Magnecote
Aufkleber- Point of sale - Easy Dot

Marketing Ideas

New times ask for new innovative sticker (printing) materials and that is what we at ClingMedia offer. Below you will find which product(s) is best suitable for which offline marketing activities ( point of sale, magazine insert, exhibitions and guerrilla marketing).

Marketing activities


Exhibitions and tradeshows – a valuable source for new business.

Guerrilla marketing – an onconventional and creative method for reaching a large audience.

Magazine insert – the cost effective marketing solution.

Point of sale – the businesscard of every (retail)store

The suprising and appealing characteristics of the product(s) allows for any message to stand out. Please contact us for more information.