ClingZ Indigo


ClingZ Indigo

The recipe for success; Cyaan, Magenta, Yellow and Key, also known as the full color spectrum. These ingredients are linked to every printer. Add the ingredient ClingZ and you’ll have to the ultimate recipe for success. ClingZ is a statically charged film. It has the ability to cling to virtually any surface.  Glue residues belong to the past and it will cling for up to six months. It is the perfect medium for the promotional activities of your customer, such as point of sales.

Use: Point of sale, Guerrilla Marketing, Events & Exhibitions, Magazine inserts

Application: Windowsticker, Wallsticker

Characteristics: static charge, repositionable, easy to apply, easy to remove

Adhesive: none ( static charged)

Lifespan: 3 to 6 months

Version: White and Clear

Type: ClingZ Indigo

Printing: Hp Indigo

Size: 320mm x 460mm

Shelf life: 12Months

Productcode: CM3001,CM3101

Material:  PP

Recyclable: Yes