Cling Products


Cling Products

ClingMedia adjusts its products to meet the markets demands.

New times ask for new innovative self-adhesive products. This is what we at ClingMedia offer. Do you want to know more about our range of products? Below you’ll find our range of products (self-adhesive sticker materials) which we supply suitable for a variaty of printing techniques.

Hp Indigo, laserprinters, wide format and flatbed printing,

conventional and Uv offset and screenprinting.

  • Aslan
  • ClingZ
  • Cling Vinyl (Penstick)
  • Easy Dot
  • Tacklite
  • Easy Cling
  • Window grip
  • Yupo Tako
  • Z-Tac

Are you impressed with one or more of our products, but you do not have the right equipment. Don’t worry! We at ClingMedia have an extensive netwerk of specialized and certified printers. We are more than happy to help you find the right printer in your area, which delivers high quality and could help answer you or your customers question.

Whether you need window, wall, floor, car of screenstickers. We at ClingMedia could help you find the right printer to get the job done. Please contact us for more information.