Azuna 3D Offset

Azuna 3D Offset

In a complicated marketplace a message needs to standout to create brand awareness. Companies are continually looking for printing media that broaden the scope of traditional marketing and advertising. This to create conversation starting new and innovative Pop and Pos displays to grab the attention of the consumer.

Azuna 3D is a printing media substrate that grabs your customers attention. It enables you to produce spectacular images with amazing dimension of 3D effects that can be viewed from all angles.

Use: Point of Sale, Point of Purchase, Guerrilla Marketing, Events & Exhibitions, Magazine inserts

Application: wobblers,shelf dividers, plant labels

Characteristics : 3D effect

Adhesive: none

Version: Clear

Type: Azuna 3D Offset

Printing: Conventional Offset, UV Offset

Size:         600mm x 400mm, 600mm x 800mm

Shelf life:          12 months

Productcode: CM00005

Material: PP

Recycleable: Yes